We manufacture a wide range of elements to the automotive industry. With the development of the automotive industry we also improve our manufacturing processes, and make them more efficient.
Currently we manufacture approximately 200 thousand parts daily, what makes more than 40 million products a year!

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  • Measuring machine 3D CNC Zeiss WMM 850 1200x800x600 with active scanning head Vast XXT, software Calypso with Curve option and Free Surface + reverse engineering software Dimension. Guaranteed measuring accuracy 3.6+L/300
  • Measuring machine 3D CNC Zeiss Contura G2 1600x1000x600 with passive scanning head TL1 and joint RDS and software Calypso with Curve option and Free Surface + CATIA converter. Guaranteed measuring accuracy 1.9+L/300
  • Strength testing machine OTTO WOLPERT, measuring range: 12-600kN
  • Strength testing machine VEB LIPSK, measuring range: 4-200 kN
  • Hardness testing machine ROCKWELL
  • Sheet drawability measuring device by Erichsen's method
  • Projector gauge MITUTOYO PV-5000
  • Roughness measuring device MITUTOYO SURFTEST RS 100
  • Specialist tests and universal measuring equipment
  • Metrological laboratory equipment: perfectors, ultraoptimeter, specimen and interference plates, dynamometric keys tester, granite measuring slabs
  • Laboratory for metallographic examination of samples - for example, weld penetration after welding - equipped with a disc cutter METACUT M250 and a grinding one-disc polisher Forcipol IV and the electronic stereoscopic microscope Huvitz HSZ-ZB 700 with measurement possibility and sending information to computer
We are one of the high volume producers on the market of metal products. Due to our staff with long standing experience in manufacturing for the automotive industry, we satisfy the standards of leading automotive companies.

Good organisation of work
Implementation of modern organisation systems is the priority what allows us to increase work dynamics and efficiency.

Advanced product quality planning (APQP) based on process layout, FMEA process and control plan are key elements built into our engineers’ achievements.

Our Lean Manufacturing (pull-system, 5S, SMED), Six Sigma and other best practices are subject to continuous progress and improvement in our structure.

Strongly focused on quality we concentrate our efforts on continous improvement in (Total Flow Management) and possibly best customer service.

Customer orientated processes are the backbone of our Company. All production related processes are owned by skilled and innovative engineers.
Effective new implementations as well as perfect efficient relocations from numerous production plants from all-Europe countries are our assets.
Excellent transport infrastructure provides smooth transportation of our products to customers

Modern production infrastructure provides us to concentrate means of production and comprehensive preparation of technology in metal forming processes, cutting and forming pipes and applied in automotive assembly technologies.

Precise production planning, detailed analysis of requests for quotation allows us to satisfy our customers’ expectations as effectively as possible.
Application of ERP QAD Enterprise Applications system to support strategic and operating processes in the enterprise provides us easy co-operation with partners through exchange of messages EDI as well as the work including the system of deliveriesJiT.