Our representatives at ESG conference

On 20th October, our representative, Martyna Klecka, Support Services Director, took part in the “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND ESG IN THE FIGHT AGAINST THE CLIMATE CHANGE – A CHALLENGE AND A CHANCE FOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT” conference hosted by Metkom – Nowa Era Recyklingu. 

At the event, experts shared their knowledge on the climate change and legal measures dedicated to business amid the EU directives. ESG issues raised in terms of the environmental concerns led to clarification of the matters of certifications, norms, and regulatory changes in this field. 

Participation in this event was an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience in the climate actions taken by organisations. It is of a great importance for us to take active part in discussions on trends and challenges companies face up when it comes to ESG, and to implement the best Sustainable Development practices.

Thank you for the invitation.